(Video) Google Mobile First Index Update & How it Effects YOU!

Google is slowly rolling out an update that will show a mobile first index.. This means Google will visit your site as a mobile device and base your Rankings on the content shown…It will no longer be based on what content is shown to desktops..

This change could have devastating effects on sites that are not serving the same content to both mobile and desktops..(As shown in my video further below)

When Will this fully role out?

“Google said they have already begun testing this mobile-first index to some users. But it looks like we are still months away from this fully rolling out. Google won’t give us a date because they are still testing the rollout, and if things go well, they may push it sooner. If things do not go well, they may push it back.

Google did say they will push this out to more and more searchers over time as they become more confident with the mobile-first index.”


Will there be separate Indexes for Mobile & Desktops?

Eventually No..here is what Google say on their blog post

“Our search index will continue to be a single index of websites and apps, our algorithms will eventually primarily use the mobile version of a site’s content to rank pages from that site.”


In todays video I show you how this Google mobile first inbdex update can have devastating effects on your sites

Watch the video below

You can read more about the Google Mobile first index Here and Here