How to Spam Check Expired domains (Video)

In this video I show you how I Spam check expired domains that have authority.

I take you through the exact filters I use to eradicate almost 80-90% of all domains, this saves time and lots of effort. I also provide pointers on how to quickly identify if domains have been spammed.

Why Spam Check Domains?

Spam checking domains is tiresome and takes time, but it is also a critical step. Just because a domain might look great on paper with a High Trust flow, good number of referring domains etc does not mean it hasnt been spammed.

In the video below I take you through 3 authority domains. all 3 looked great on paper but not after taking a closer look.

Watch the video below to see why I would not buy such domains and why you shouldnt buy them too.

A strong Private Blog Network

A strong PBN doesnt only look good on paper but each domain will have a strong and solid history. its’ important each domain has quality metrics and that the site has not been spammed.

I outline the EXACT steps we take when spam checking expired domains in the video below

Links to sources referred to in video

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