(Video) How to Recreate Expired Domains for your PBN

In Today’s video I show you How To Recreate Expired Domains using FREE Tools.

Recreated Expired Domains can be used inside of a Private Blog Network (PBN), they DONT require any content creation by yourself AND they Validate the TRUST that has been built-up throughout the history of the Expired Domain with Google.

In short,  the video explains the issues faced when registering expired domains and then repositioning them to work with inside of your PBN. The video also points to a solution used by top level marketers to overcome such issues.

Download links and setup guide can be found below the video



Wayback Machine setup & download Instructions


Step 1 .a– Go to the following site and download Ruby (use x64 for 64 bit machines and x86 for 32 bit machines) https://rubyinstaller.org/downloads/ 

When installing Ruby, it will ask you to select option 1,2 or 3 and if unsure simply click enter (just click enter) It will then download and install everything thats required (it took less than a minute to complete on my machine)




Step 1.b – Once the above section has been complete you will be prompted to setup MSYS2 64 (this might be an optional step and might be different on 32 bit machines)


Install ruby 2


Step 2 – Download Wayback Machine Downloader from https://github.com/hartator/wayback-machine-downloader

Unzip the zip file and extract to your hard drive.


Step 3 – Open windows search and type in Ruby – look for “Start Command Prompt With Ruby” and click to start it


start command prompt with ruby

Step 4 – Copy and paste the following text in the command prompt black box

gem install wayback_machine_downloader


Step 5Now your ready to start using the wayback machine downloader using only a few simple commands

Here are a few commands to get you started – More commands can be found on the wayback machine downloader gitHub page

Simply change http:://mydomain.com with the domain you would like to download files for AND if working with To & From dates then change the date time stamp to match that of archive.org


Download all pages

wayback_machine_downloader http:://mydomain.com --concurrency 8


Download all pages from specific date

wayback_machine_downloader http:://mydomain.com --from 20090411073308 --concurrency 8


Download all pages from specific date to specific date

wayback_machine_downloader http:://mydomain.com --from 20090411073308 --to 20110414135515 --concurrency 8


Check pages before download

wayback_machine_downloader http:://mydomain.com --from 20090411073308 --to 20110414135515 --list

wayback_machine_downloader http:://mydomain.com --from 20090411073308 --list


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