SociSynd Update 2013-01-07 – Plans for the New Year


1003919_247444062070545_345896479_nI hope you’ve had a great start to the new year and pray that this year will be your best one yet.

This email is a little long but very important for all SociSynd users, please read through it carefully – especially the notes on SociSynd changes and looking forwards.

6 Months on

It’s been about 6 months since we released SociSynd to the public and have already seen many changes.

We had a server move due to the demand for more resources. We added new sites to diversify and performed multiple updates to keep the system
running smoothly.

We’ve created over 10 million social media links on the very top social media sites and hundreds of thousands of 2nd tier and rss feed links.

We have played active roles on Social media sites on a daily bases and followed/befriended thousands. And if you use Klout then you will know how SociSynd works. It’s magic to increase your Klout score.

This is the reason why SociSynd has active and aged social media accounts that do not get closed down.

We still have healthy social media accounts that we post to today that were added while SociSynd was in beta almost 1 year old.

But none of this would have been possible if it wasn’t for the years of experience that my team and myself have in working with social media sites and developing automated applications.

We first started to develop social media applications in 2011 when we realized how important they are and will become for SEO.

SociSynd Looking forwards

seo-roadmap-part-31Going forwards we have a number of updates planned that will make the system larger, stronger, and more powerful & robust.

But first we must be sure that we have a bullet proof system and by bullet proof I mean a system that is not traceable or easily exploited.

And the only thing that stands out is the reporting feature.

If one of our competitors, eg Synnd, was to sign up to the SociSynd system then it would be fairly simple for them to get hold of our social sites and the same is true for anyone else.

This is something that we need to avoid and I am certain many of you will agree with me. (SociSynd works great and needs to be protected from evil eyes.)

So for the protection of the SociSynd system we will be removing reports that give the actual social site url, this will be replaced with a reporting feature that will record what social accounts and how many times your post has been submitted to them including the time and date.

For the majority, this will be a welcomed change that will ensure the safeguarding of an awesome system.

And with our planned updates SociSynd will only get better and more effective.

Refreshing current accounts

As many of the social sites in SociSynd have been in the system for many months I will be encouraging our users to create new social accounts and replace the current ones. I will be sending out a new email regarding this and how we have a piece of software that will help you automate
that majority of it for zero cost.

Framework Pools

Our developers have been working on a brand new framework logic for our social media accounts. This new logic allows us to have multiple social account pools. Our users won’t be effected by the new logic as it’s designed to protect our social media accounts.

SociSynd Changes

The planned updates noted below will be updates you can expect to see very soon. Other changes that are planned are brand new modules which I will be emailing about after all testing is complete.

2 New Connections

PR5 Do-follow Social Site – A brand new social media site that is a page rank 5 will be added shortly.

PR4 Social Site – A brand new social media site that is a Page rank 4 will be added as well.

Add more than 1 account type

Many of our users have asked to be able to add more than one account for each social site. You will soon be able to add more than 1 of each social account. (This will mean more submissions for you and more accounts to benefit from.) Because the more you share the more benefit you will get.

Multi account submitters

Some of our users have up to 4 SociSynd accounts, we soon have a Multi account login interface and submitter that will allow you to manage everything from the one master account.

Gmail, Google +1’s and Buffer

When working with Google + 1’s and shares then its very important that our gmail accounts look natural. Many of the gmail account that are associated with Google + 1’s etc don’t get used. Our developers have created a brand new script that will work on the gmail accounts to bring
them up to speed so they look natural.


Many of the changes I have noted are for the protection of what we know to be a great system that works very well. Other changes include adding new social sites and passing more control and power to our users.

Crowd marketing opens up the door to things that could never before be imagined by the individual and we have plenty of new enhancements and changes coming to SociSynd to make sure we stay ahead in our industry.

For now there are no changes for you to make You can continue to work with SociSynd as you normally do. I hope to send you an email later this week or early next week with further details.

Thank you for taking out the time to read this.

Wishing you all the best,

Abbas Ravji and Team