(Video) How to Get True Value from Tumblr

It seems like ages since I worked with Tumblr. Back in the day I used to be a power user and even developed a piece of software to automate it (PRTrafficBooster)

We would use Tumblr for Traffic, for  promoting websites and we would even monetize Tumblr blogs using various platforms.

A couple of weeks ago I came back to Tumblr to perform some tests.

Not much on Tumblr had changed since the last time I was there so I knew exactly what to do and how to get things done.

Everything on Tumblr checked out so I proceeded to create more accounts and blogs which was part of the overall strategy I was testing (more on this and the strategy later)

But when I came onto my sixth Tumblr blog… I discovered something that was very important. It was so important that I was about to stop working with Tumblr altogether..

But after some digging around inside of Tumblr I found a different approach to get the results I needed, so not all was actually lost.. I had to go back and edit all the blogs though.

And today, about 1 week on,  I’m already seeing the positive impacts it’s having on my search engine rankings.

I’m still performing more tests using this strategy and the results have been impressive. I will share more on this some other time.

Tumblr Training Video

If you work with Tumblr and dont know about the information I share in Today’s video then be sure to take out 10 minutes to watch it. It could save you weeks and months of time and effort.


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