How to Force Google to show Country Specific Search Results Without Proxies (Video)

Watch this video to find out how to get country specific search results from google without the need of proxies.

Google and other search engines customize the search results to show listings that are in your location. They identify the users IP and location in order to serve RESULTS specific to the users location, this helps for a better user experience.

This might be the case for the general user…however….if your anything like myself and need to check how your website is ranking for keywords in different locations (Maybe for your own sites or for your clients) then being able to bypass the tailored local results is important.

Watch the video below to find out how to get Google Specific Search Results

Google Search parameters

  • (Change “us” to any country code for results from that country)
  • &near=Dallas (Add this to the end of any Google search string to get city specific results – change “Dallas” to your desired city)

Get a list of Google country codes here